Weight Loss Transformation Live Class

Dan Candell will teach you in this four part weight loss live class how to make healthy lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off. Learn how to change your mindset, master emotions and cravings, eat less and enjoy it more, and how to change habits and behaviors to live a healthy lifestyle. His next class starts in October in Worcester MA. Click below to find out more information. Register before September 20th and save $50.00. Class size is limited to 15 people.

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Sports Performance: Secrets of Elite Athletes

Dan Candell has worked with athletes from around the world to improve their mental game. He helps various athletes (both amateurs and professionals) to help them establish mental toughness, gain confidence in their game/performance, eliminate distractions, and increase focus and concentration in their game. As a result, athletes move forward and be able to create triggers to get in the zone quicker and easier.

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Hypnosis Shows, Groups & Workshops

There is a lighter side to hypnosis. Dan Candell is an expert stage hypnotist and motivational speaker. He performs comedy hypnosis shows for high schools, colleges, corporate events, and fundraisers. He also conducts motivational workshops and seminars that vary from improved sales performance, the power of positive thinking, staying motivated, getting over your obstacles, and how to have your best year ever. All of Dan's demonstrations and workshops are both fun and educational - and the attendees will always leave feeling inspired and motivated.

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Questions? We Are More Than Happy To Help!

Do you have questions about any of our programs, or just about hypnosis or coaching in general? If so, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to speak to you. Due to the effectiveness of our programs, we get several calls and requests every day, but we are happy to connect with you and assist you. Please call our office at 508-393-8690 or toll free at 1-800-240-2750.

With Hypnosis You Can...
-Lose Weight -Stop Smoking -Change Habits -Eliminate Fears/Control Anxiety -Get Better Grades -Improve Athletic Ability -Improve Your Golf Game -Boost Confidence & Self Esteem -Achieve Goals -Eliminate Procrastination -Explore a Past Life Hypnosis is a natural way to create transformation in your life. It is a state of mind that we experience every day! Here at the Candell Hypnosis and Coaching Center, one of our consulting hypnotists will work with you to create dramatic change. The director of the Candell Hypnosis Center, Dan Candell, is Vice President of the MA National Guild of Hypnotists Chapter.

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